Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes

This Sunday, November 1st is the FIRST day of the month, and our FIRST YOGA CLASS for NOVEMBER!

Any special intentions that you have for yourself or those around you for NOVEMBER, whether it be to let go of things that you don’t want to hold onto from October, or if you want to get going on a certain goal for yourself for November, set that intention and move through it in our Yoga for Athletes class. Energy follows intent, so we will put forth that energy and put in the WORK to manifest our goals!

As always, your first class @ Belmar’s is FREE — if you already go to Belmar’s for Boxing, Kickboxing, Zumba, Circuit Training or any other practice, compliment that discipline with YOGA! — and Yoga is already included in your membership fees!

See you this Sunday, 11am.