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Rachel Boehr

Some call it sparring, we like to call it waving goodbye, whilst wearing gloves really close in your face! Rachel's last session before heading off on her next adventure. All the best in the next stage of your...

Belmars Weights Room Rules

1) Wear appropriate gym attire. (Sneakers, T-shirts, workout pants or shorts) * No one wants to see your chest 2) Return ALL Weights & Equipment to original spot. * Yo’ mama doesn’t work here! 3) Wipe Down & Sanitize all equipment when done. * No one wants to lay in anyone’s sweat (hopefully) 4) Clean up after yourself! I pity the fool who don’t follow these...

Zumba Fundraiser to honor the life of Stephen Wood

Event: Zumba Fundraiser Masterclass to honor the life of Stephen Wood Date: July 21st @ 9:30AM Total raised: $775.00 Zumba Fundraiser for the American Heart Association to honor the life of Stephen Wood. The final total raised for the American Heart Association was $775.00. A big thank you to everyone who donated and who took part in the...
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Beginners Muay Thai Kickboxing & Fitness Course

~ Beginners Muay Thai
~ Muay Thai Fitness for Beginners
~ Boxing for Beginners 

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