testitop I just wanted to write to express to you how much I have enjoyed being a member of your Muay Thai Kickboxing Program/School. I have tried a few different martial arts programs and schools over the years and found kickboxing to be the most realistic and worthwhile sport, exercise, and form of self defense.

You have made learning this art/sport fun and working with you and your students have given me the confidence and motivation to continue to learn and progress in Muay Thai.

Besides being a fantastic and experienced instructor, I enjoyed your sense of humor during classes and looked forward to an intense and fulfilling class each time. testibtm

Natasha - Police Officer

testitop While Peter's classes conditions one's mind and body to push itself to the limit, it is the technical aspect of Muay Thai training that I am most interested in. Peter has an uncanny ability to explain any technique in the most simplified manner, and with his vast experience, he is able to pinpoint any weaknesses in the execution of a technique immediately. testibtm

Duane Hosang - FRM, CFA - Investment Banking

testitop Two of my main concerns after having my daughter were "How will I lose all of this weight?" and "How will I find the time to do it?". Before my pregnancy, I walked around at 145 lbs, and at the end of the pregnancy I tipped the scales at 200 lbs.

After being very depressed about my weight, I found Peter´s program and decided to use it as a stepping stone to get me started on my weight loss journey. After taking the beginners sessions, I was hooked and have not stopped since. I am currently the smallest that I have ever been at 130 lbs and I have more energy and confidence than ever before. PLUS, I take the class over the weekend which fits right into my schedule as a working mom.

Peter´s athletic training is one of a kind, and his unique methods of training really keeps you interested in coming back class after class. I would recommend that class to anyone, at any weight or fitness level. It will change your life. testibtm

Toni – Working Mother

testitop You´ll be interested to know that my female friend and I were attacked by 4 men this weekend while leaving a bar, and though I didn´t get to use my new moves because they were trying to drag us into an alley, we still fought them off and they ran away, leaving our dignity and belongings untouched. I´m not sure if it would have been so clean had my physical fitness not been improved by your class! 🙂 testibtm

D.C – Cartoonist

testitop I would highly recommend any of Peter´s classes. Whether someone is trying to lose weight, increase their physical fitness, or training to compete, Peter will help you. The classes have been some of the hardest workouts I´ve done and I always look forward to the next class. testibtm

Chad Phillips – Carpenter

testitop I have trained with a few different martial arts instructors in my time, but by far Peter is the best at what he does. If you are looking to train with a real Muay Thai instructor, get in shape, and have some fun, then your search is over. testibtm

Frank Brancaccio – Quality Control Inspector

testitop I´ve really enjoyed taking this class over the past 8 weeks. Not only is it a great workout, but it is also an excellent way to learn fighting techniques that can be applicable in any number of real world situations. I would recommend these courses to anyone interested in learning how to fight in a high intensity environment. testibtm

Patrick Petrocelli – Student

testitop Great class, where you learn to keep yourself fit, and the training makes boot camp look like a walk in the park. testibtm

Andres Bella - Electronic Engineer

testitop The 6 weeks Belmars Muay Thai & circuit course was the BEST!!! I have tried other schools in the past but they never had me so motivated to learn & get in shape. The beginners course trains your mind & body and prepares you for a better healthy more active life, even with a 3yr old & a full time night job, even at my worst Peter & Toni get the Best out of me & more. I will most def be joining the next course ASAP. testibtm

Gehai Bess - DJ

testitop This course is full of instruction. I really feel that I have a beginners understanding of Muay Thai and it is exciting to see the techniques we´ve learned when I see a professional fight. I definitely am in better shape, and can see a difference in my body. I work late nights sometimes and have to walk from the train. I don´t hold my mace in my hand anymore!! testibtm

Jeanne Neivert - Pastry Chef

testitop Peter´s class was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The classes teach self discipline and self motivation. Over the 6 weeks not only did I feel better about myself but better about my surrounding. I felt more energetic throughout the day. I slept better and just overall felt great. If you are looking to get in shape or just better yourself I totally recommend one of Peters classes. Thank you Peter! & the rest of the instructors! testibtm

David Dicairano - Union Iron Worker

testitop Absolutely the Best fitness program available. An intense yet positive program that provokes the best results from all participants. Peter and his entire team are a pleasure and I would highly recommend this to everyone. testibtm

Angela Dotson Giardini - Vice President Client and Business Development

testitop There are no words to describe how fabulous this gym is. The instructors are so skillful, talented & patience. The gym is very empowering. I work out all the time, but this workout is beyond anything I experience. I will absolutely continue taking classes. The workout really kick ass! testibtm

Sherri Hsiu - Dental Hygienist

testitop This class is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It pushed me farther than I thought I could go and helped me achieve results I didn’t think I could. I’m addicted! testibtm

Natalie Negron - Dental Assistant


testitop This is a fun and exhausting class. Every day you get a great workout as well as learn the art of Muay Thai. This is an excellent class for anyone who is willing to learn from an excellent teacher. testibtm

Kyle Shanks - Student

testitop This is a very good class. It is fun, you learn a lot, however it is not a walk in the park. Peter is a fun guy and a good teacher. This class has helped me improve my fighting and cardio tremendously. I´d recommend this class to any and everyone interested in this art form or to anyone interested in improving their overall health. testibtm

David Hodges - Student

testitop I have a very stressful job and over the years this has caused my fitness and health to suffer. Because Peter demonstrates such strong drive and commitment you find this rubbing off on you and making you more determined. Peter is an excellent motivator and our loss is another student’s gain as wherever he goes I am sure he will nature and develop excellent students. The only “development area” for Peter are his jokes! Good luck Peter and thank you for changing my outlook on life. testibtm

Matthew Phillips – Customer Service Manager

testitop Peter Belmar has proved to be inspirational as a trainer and motivator. His sessions are light-hearted while being objective-orientated, offering a good balance of personal fitness and body conditioning, as well as an insightful view into the martial art of Thai-boxing. Whether his classes are attended by a large or small number of students, he seems to find time to personally address the requirements of each. From attending his classes, I have emerged as more confident and competent in exercise and self defence. Testimony to the dignity with which Peter conducts his classes, is that each session is attended by a broad cultural mix of advanced and intermediate students, whom, under his guidance are respectful to each other and are keen to share best practice. I recommend that you attend Peter’s sessions whether or not you have tried Thai-boxing, because, I strongly believe that you will attain the reward you seek. testibtm

Barry Brown – Lecturer

testitop Peter Belmar is a great teacher. He is very professional at the same time in touch with all the students depending on how long each one has been in the class. I have learnt a lot from my classes with Peter. Nothing is impossible and not to give up and most of all not to be intimidated. I have tried lots of classes of self defence but after one or a few have given up not because I couldn’t do it but most of all because of the atmosphere. Peter’s classes were different I didn’t feel intimidated. The classes are not only professional but friendly and that makes a lot of difference to new students who are apprehensive about starting self defence. Peter makes all students comfortable irrespective of how long they have been there and how they progress. He is encouraging and that has made me stick it for this long. testibtm

Zina Jamal – Design Coordinator

testitop I have trained under Peter Belmar for three years and have learnt a great deal. Peter’s dedication to each individual progress makes you want to do improve your skills. His wealth of experience in the program has helped improve my control, technique and tactical skills. When I initially started I wanted to learn some self defence tactics. I gained so much more! Fitness wise I’ve managed to compete on many occasions coming third in the WUMA British Championships, not bad for someone who had never fought in her life! On a personal level I gained new friends, self confidence and a deeper understanding of my capabilities. What Peter taught me most is that everyone is capable of achieving their goals and that kickboxing is an art form which enhances both your physical and mental outlook on life. testibtm

testitop Before Peter, I think the last person so dedicated to getting better then the best out of people was Winston Churchill, but I can’t be sure of that as I never trained with him. Don’t let Peter’s laid – back exterior fool you he has an eagle eye for bad technique and is so motivated he could probably get Jabba the hutt down to fighting weight in a month. We will miss him loads I hope our new instructors expect as much commitment from the group as he does. testibtm

Sarah Maybank – Freelance Journalist

Patricia Edeam - Marketing Manager

testitop I have been taking Peter´s Thai Kickboxing class for over a year and a half two days a week. I have enjoyed his classes as it has allowed me to become fitter and more toned, as well as gaining great knowledge of the sport, it´s moves and rules. Peter has been a great teacher whom is very enthusiastic and friendly, and always funny. I have learned so much from his classes and believe if you want to be a good Thai Kickboxer you should take his classes. testibtm

Arjan Daci - Builder

testitop A great teacher, experienced, articulate and informative. I have learnt a great deal under Peter’s instruction and enjoy his classes immensely. He has shown his ability to successfully teach and motivate his students and has bought many to high levels of ability and compesance in martial arts and fitness. testibtm

Omar Saeed - IT Consultant

testitop I started with Peter in 2001 when I started I had hypertension

I am pleased to say that my blood pressure is now stable

Peter has motivated me to the extent that I myself am now an instructor and will start to pass on what I have learnt. I started kick-boxing when most people retire. I have fought in competitions. Peter has taken me through 3 grades and I intend to carry on with the motivation that Peter has instilled in me.

Thank you Peter for giving me the confidence to participate in a sport that will carry me through life. testibtm

Danny Akpqbio - Access Control Supervisor

testitop Peter Belmar has been my personal kickboxing trainer for a number of years and I have found his work to be entirely satisfactory. Most importantly to me has been his commitment to developing my personal fitness, technique and skills; he has proven to be highly motivational and inspiring.

He is excellent at assessing your level and ups your training appropriately, which enables you to make progress at a pace you feel comfortable with. He has seen me, over the years, progress from a beginner to a more advanced level and his constant attention to detail has ensured accuracy of technique.

He has a profound knowledge of a wide range of kickboxing styles, which I have found very beneficial. He is always punctual, reliable and a pleasure to train with. I have recommended him to friends and colleagues and do not hesitate to recommend him to you. testibtm

Anthony McGrath - FA football coach, SAQ trainer, ´kickfit´ coach

testitop My son and I have been attending Peter’s kickboxing classes since 2005, firstly in the beginners classes and then on to the improvers classes, and have found him to be a first class instructor.

His lessons are clear and precise and he is very encouraging and attentive and will give you all the help and advice required to move forward. We have both enjoyed the classes and our fitness levels have improved considerably.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter for any kickboxing classes he wishes to teach as he is an excellent teacher. testibtm

Martin Holder

testitop Initially I started kickboxing as I had a stressful job, I started with a women only class and then went one to one with Pete. Pete was the mean person that made me run up and down and up and down (in bare feet on the cold ground in January) – skip back and forwards on the freezing cold floor, but I loved every minute of it. You even taught me not to be scared of punching someone in the face – I think the motivation of taking money off of you for each facial punch may have had something to do with it! Finally though I feel a lot more confident in my job, I represent criminal defendants for serious crimes and being locked in cells with these people can make you feel intimidated but you showed me a number of moves that meant I could look after myself and for that I am forever grateful. I miss your classes like crazy but I wish you all the best …” testibtm

Emma - Solicitor