About Us


Belmars is an international group of sports and fitness professionals with locations in the United Kingdom and the USA.
We offer a diverse range of programs-something for everyone.
We like to think of Belmars as your final destination to all your workout and sport’s needs.

Belmars in White Plains

Located in Westchester, New York, offers small classes with personal attention.
Our goal is to guide the individual to obtain their goals both physically and mentally.
This holds true whether the goal is to get fit, lose weight, learn something new or to be the best at their chosen sport.

What we offer

We specialize in teaching Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Zumba, Private Training and General Fitness.
Our programs are designed to increase your awareness, energy levels, and self-confidence.
We are dedicated to training students, be they beginners or more advanced athletes, to the best of their abilities, with step-by-step professional guidance at each stage of their development.

Our most often used term

  • Challenge Yourself
  • Dig Deeper
  • Finish Strong

Our instructors

Our instructors are some of the most skilled and experienced individuals in Westchester.
They are here to share their knowledge and help you.
Our programs in Westchester have won the prestigious Best of Westchester award from Westchester Magazine ® on more than one occasion making us the best of Westchester.


Objective: “Our objective is to create individuals to be champions of life; to be successful in their endeavors, and to gain maturity through an awareness of self.”
Motto: “Enlighten one’s spirit within one’s self”
Our promise to you: “We will get the best out of you”