Sahar Miandoabi

I graduated college in 2009 and realized how much weight I had gained in college. I started looking at different fitness options, I tried going to the gym and using machines but it just was not the right fit for me so I googled other options and found Zumba with Christine. In September 2009 I started coming to classes and fell in love with it. I enjoyed that I was dancing something that I have loved doing for years, but still working out at the same time. The atmosphere was warm, engaging, positive, and the intense workout got me hooked.

In January 2013 I took the instructor training class, and have started teaching classes. I aim to push the students taking the class while keeping an inviting, engaging, and positive environment to get them to be just as hooked to Zumba as I am.

Zumba has helped me with my weight loss journey along with helping me stay positive and make me feel great after the workout. No matter what kind of day I have had, it helps re-energize me and keeps me going.