As he gazes across the lake, reminiscing of days gone by, of battles won, of friendship lost, of a life fulfilled.

Who is this old man by the lake?

Surly, he is just another old man sitting by the lake, just one of many old men you would come across wandering into the abyss of emptiness. What are his thoughts?

Every day I come and sit here, because it strengthens my soul. Every day I come to sit here, and I make it across to the other side of the lake.

When you were down, when you had no hope and your existence was in question, What was your greatest motivator?

The answer to this question has haunted me from birth. Throughout my existence, it has steered me to action where failure was never an option. It can set you free or keep you captive, and that option is in your hands.

When I was much younger than today I was told, “Always believe in yourself, even more so when probabilities and situations are against you. Remember who you are and where you come from.” This instilled a deep belief in me that whatsoever I believe in, as long as I am prepared to work hard, my dreams may have a chance to flourish. Life makes no promise, no guaranteed tomorrow; however, I truly believe that there will be a tomorrow. I believe this with my whole being, and strive to make each day better than the last.

It’s like a puzzle, you learn bit-by-bit. You learn a bit-here and a bit-there. 5 You learn one bit and put it in place. You learn another bit and put it in place. Then one day, it all makes sense.

Look across the lake to the other side – there lies something you hope to accomplish, a goal you wish to reach.

This task is achievable, but you must have strength of character and belief to achieve it.

There are many ways to make it to the other side of the lake, some not so obvious. You could take a boat to cross the lake – a speedboat, a rowing boat, or one carved from your very hands. You could swim across the lake; it’s not that far and will only take a few minutes. You could fly across the lake; you could hire a helicopter to make the short journey. You could hire someone to complete this task for you and claim it as your own. All the above are options for one to take, but this task requires that you do not disturb the natural flow of the water. This task requires that you observe each flow, each wave of the lake in person. Each stride that you take will be unique; each experience that you encounter will enrich you. Experiences that cannot be fully appreciated until the task is complete This task requires that you walk across the lake.

This task requires you to make it across to the other side of the lake without disturbing the natural flow of the water; however, you must experience each flow, each step, personally.

I remembered each step I took; I fell into the water and thought that this is impossible. Each move that was made led to disaster, and I thought about giving up.

My mind was weak at the beginning, but in time I learned from each step, each disaster, and learned to better myself. 6 I learned that your mind has to be strong and your will to succeed has to be enormous. Every experience I encountered prepared me for success in life.

Just who is this old man by the lake? I hear you inquire

Now – I remember him, this old man. I have knowledge of this old man. I know of his wisdom, I know of his hopes and ambitions, I know of his temperament. This old man was present at my birth. This old man guided me through rough times in my life. This old man gave me passage of safety. This old man gave me hope when the future looked bleak and my path filled with obstacles. When I was lost this old man showed me the light. This old man has guided me my whole life with unquestionable loyalty.

I know of this old man, this old man is I. I am the old man sitting quietly here by the lake.

(This was about a man whose brain had been damaged but is now recovering)