A growing number of Americans are getting into Muay Thai kickboxing as a way to stay fit. Moreover, it has been said that it’s also gaining popularity among women as this full-contact sport can be used as a form of self-defense. It appears that individuals from age 6 and up have discovered the benefits that Muay Thai and other forms of mixed martial arts can provide as a poll shows that 2.45 million people have participated in mixed martial arts for fitness from 2011 to 2016, and for good reason. Apart from burning calories, building muscle endurance, and overall toning, Muay Thai kickboxing can also improve one’s self-confidence and teach young children about discipline. This is a way to enhance your Muay Thai kickboxing workouts, it is important to get the proper nutrition to be at your best every time you’re in a class or at a match. Eating the right foods will not only help you stay in peak condition, but it may also help to give you the strength and endurance that you need while engaging in this type of contact sport. Here’s how to eat and what you should eat to enhance your Muay Thai kickboxing workouts.


If you’ve just started learning Muay Thai kickboxing as part of a new workout and diet plan, then you need to know that having a good breakfast is a must. In Thailand where the sport originated, Muay Thai fighters usually start their day with a meal of rice, some form of protein such as eggs, and perhaps some vegetables and soup. There has always been this debate whether rice or bread is better for you, but when it comes to preparing for a few hours of training, consuming rice may be better as it’s easier to digest and gives you the energy that you need. You can have some brown or white rice and a vegetable omelet, or you can have some buckwheat or amaranth porridge as these whole-grain breakfasts can also sustain you without weighing you down.


For lunch, you can have tuna salad on whole wheat bread along with some fruits like berries or bananas, and a salad made of dark, leafy green veggies. The idea is to have a balanced meal, so there should be some carbs, protein, and fresh fruits and vegetables for your lunch. If you’re eating lunch after your Muay Thai kickboxing workout, then increase your fruit and vegetable intake as doing so can help your body recover after exercise. Having an effective post-workout meal plan can repair muscle proteins and stimulate the growth of new muscle.


You don’t want to be weighed down by a heavy dinner if you’re doing your Muay Thai kickboxing workout the next day, but you don’t want to wake up starving either. To feel full without consuming too many calories, plan on having reasonable portions of grilled chicken or any other protein with one-half to 1 cup of white rice with roasted vegetables. After dinner, refrain from snacking on sweets and unhealthy foods and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Having a comprehensive meal plan can enhance your performance. Follow these tips to get the proper nutrition that you need for your Muay Thai kickboxing workouts.