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Rachel Boehr

Rachel Boehr is a Westchester native whose interest in movement and love of adventure has taken her to explore different forms of yoga and fitness all over the globe. Growing up, she enjoyed the feeling of connection to her body through a love of ballet and modern dance, but it wasn't until she discovered yoga that she learned to connect breath and movement to an overall state of wellness.

After years of suffering from idiopathic, chronic pain, doctors and physical therapists advised her to stop all physical activity to prevent any further physical ailments, leading to a noticeable decrease in quality of life. By discovering a compassionate and self-loving yoga practice on her own and later, by guiding others, she realized that movement, strength, and flexibility comes from within, and not from a perceived image of body type or capability. Yoga has brought improvements to all areas of Rachel's life, including an increasingly positive outlook, and she's passionate about sharing this practice with all those who have interest. Rachel's classes aim to help students find ease both on and off the mat; she supports and encourages students of all ages, physical history, and capabilities to explore their own bodies' range of motion, balance, and connection to breath.

Rachel's classes are designed for everyone to include better focus, concentration, and injury prevention.

An advocate of eating and living clean, Rachel has now been able to expand her fitness regiment to include boxing at Belmars, where she currently trains under Peter Belmar. She also enjoys backpacking, scoring live baseball, and sports analytics. Rachel holds a bachelor's degree in economics and master's degree in international finance policy from Columbia University.

Rachel Boehr