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Peter (Smiling Assassin) Belmar has been a practitioner of kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing, and fitness for over 34 years in London, United Kingdom.

He has now relocated to New York. Peter fought as an amateur boxer for 5 years and as a professional Thai Kickboxer for 15 years, competing throughout Europe, Thailand, and the United States.

He holds an outstanding fight record of 79 fights with only 7 defeats.

In 1993, wanting to give something back to his fans and share his passion with others, Peter turned his attention to coaching.

He started running a series of Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, and fitness programs at Kelmscott Leisure Centre in London. He began with students who were interested in participating in Muay Thai and kickboxing but were not certain if it was right for them—people who were a bit apprehensive, but genuinely keen to learn. He then introduced other elements into his program, such as a fitness program, and safety and self-defense courses. The program gained popularity and was soon operating out of multiple venues in London and Essex. What set apart his curriculum as unique was its specific aim to challenge students´ perceptions of themselves, boost energy levels, and improve self-confidence.

Peter´s background extends beyond the martial arts; he also worked as a professional sports coach for nearly a decade, teaching both adults and children from diverse communities. His experiences have equipped him with a wealth of knowledge and qualifications in the area of Recreation and Leisure Management.

He also has written four books - "Thai Kickboxing for Beginners"  "I Was Just Thinking"  "Old Man by the Lake"  and "Body By Belmars" both available at major online bookshops.

Drawing from his fighting background, Peter brings a magnitude of knowledge, expertise, and qualifications to his classes.

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Peter Thaiboxing

Fighters Martial Arts Magazine (October 1994)
Peter Muay Thai

Peter Belmar, of the Vipers Gym, won the vacant WKA European Super Lightweight Thai Boxing title by beating Gerry Moriano on points.

PeterBelmar image This fight proved that Belmar has a strong chin as he took Moriano’s best shots and came back fighting even harder when hurt. Belmar, when entering the ring, was not fazed by the loud chants for Moriano. Out of the two fighters, Moriano looked the bigger.

In the first round, neither fighter could establish dominance. Moriano was the aggressor and tried to use his knees but Belmar´s defence was tight. In the second round, Moriano unleashed a spinning backfist, which caught Belmar on the chin. His corner was shouting "keep your left hand up". Peter responded and now started to use his left jab. Belmar was standing in range but not giving Moriano a chance to attack by pumping out the jab. Moriano attempted to slow down Belmar with his hard leg kicks.

In the third round, Moriano was looking hesitant and Belmar caught Moriano with a left hook, which seemed to hurt him. Moriano held onto Belmar drawing him close using his knees. Belmar lost a point in this round when referee Eugene Valerio ordered the fighters to break and Belmar did not.

By the fourth Moriano was relying solely on his whistling spinning backfist, this missed Belmar by a few inches and caught his gloves. You were left with the impression that he may get lucky with his spinning backfist as Belmar was standing right in front of him. There was a lot of grappling going on now as both fighters were feeling the pace.

The last round saw a big exchange as both fighters traded left and right hooks. Belmar hurt Moriano and looked like he could stop him but Moriano lashed with a spinning backfist at every opportunity and at times was guilty of using his elbow. Moriano was backed up against the ropes by Belmar who punched furiously in the last thirty seconds to seal a good win.

Combat Martial Arts Magazine (February 1993)
Peter Thai Boxing

The final bout of the night was the other international with Inder Mangnoesing (Spangen Gym Rotterdam) taking on the British Lightweight Champion Peter Belmar (Vipers Gym London).

Peter, who won the B.M.T.A Title with a first round K.O. of Peter Feeley. Three years ago, started the bout in his usual fashion, light on his feet showing excellent boxing skills, immediately stamping his authority on the bout with a hard one two that snapped Inder´s head back, Peter also landed some good low kicks in this opening session, the fight was mostly fought at range, with Peter using slick boxing combinations, coming in and out, but also getting warned for a low uppercut.

By the third round Peter, who has a very good record against foreign opposition, was well in control and started landing head kicks and some flash five punch combinations.

In the fourth Peter had Inder in a clinch on the ropes and landed an accidental low knee, the Dutchman went down but got straight back up, and didn’t look in to much trouble, referee Lorenzo Caballero called a time out to give the Dutchman time to recover, however the Dutch corner were shouting for a disqualification and telling their fighter not to continue. Referee Caballero ruled it an accidental knee and deemed that he had given Inder adequate time to recover and that he was in a position to continue, the Dutch corner however were adamant that they wanted a disqualification and wouldn´t continue, the winner therefore by T.K.O. was Peter Belmar (Vipers Gym).

Martial Arts Illustrated (May 1993)

Kickboxing Championship
Minnesota U.S.A.
Report: Jim McAllister
Peter Belmar Vs Larry Brusacoram

I have seen both fighters in action and know this would be a January 8th Minneapolis crowd pleaser. I can only say that for 7 rounds it was neck and neck. Peter was warned for using his knees but in fairness it was more of an attempt, which comes from his Thai Boxing background, rather then an enforcing of the knees. With both fighters putting everything into the seven rounds, waiting for the decision was tense. I thought as we were abroad a draw would have been an acceptance verdict but Peter got the decision.

Fighters Martial Arts Magazine (November 1991)

Top B.M.T.A fighters Michelle Abro (World Thai Boxing Champion W.T.B.A) and Peter Belmar (British W.K.A and B.M.T.A Lightweight Champion) both from Lincoln Boney’s Vipers Gym London, were both in top international action in Paris, France, where Michelle knocked out ‘Maiselder’ of France in the first round to win an International Title. Peter also achieved a first round KO victory over his French opponent ‘Reeder’ who was replacing Peter´s original opponent a France based Thai who pulled out injured.

Boxing News (May 25, 1990)

RECENTLY-CROWNED South East London Novice light-welter champion PETER BELMAR stopped ANTHONY GARCIA during a visit by the Lambeth club to the Rock. Belmar’s first round victory came as the Lodge were losing 3-0 to a Gibraltar select, and while the win started a comeback, it did not prevent a change in the end result as the locals won 4-3. Belmar throws a solid, straight jab that he brings back slowly to the shoulder; a movement that attracts the eye and creates a moment for quick punches. In Gibraltar, the jab was working and Garcia was being caught when Belmar shifted his weight and landed a right to the stomach to drop and stop brave Anthony.

Boxing News (May 4, 1990)

PETER BELMAR (Fitzroy Lodge) boxed three times to win the light-welter crown, beating club mate DANNY McGOVERN in the final on points. First up, Belmar landed a single right cross and Croydon´s RAYMOND HOLLYWOOD was out on his feet in the second round.

In the semi-finals, both of the Lodge boxers won through on points with Belmar having too much variety for Brixton’s MARCUS McCRAE.


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Title: Thai Kickboxing For Beginners
Author: Peter Belmar
ISBN: 978-1-4116-9983-0
Thai Kickboxing for beginners
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Title: I Was Just Thinking
Author: Peter Belmar
ISBN: 978-1-4116-3858-7
I Was Just Thinking
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A selection of short stories and inspirational poems. This book is about a journey I completed some time ago. My journey was not one of pain or sorrow. It was simply a journey of words that kept entering my head and that would not let go until they were written down. I have included a few poems and short stories from my journey. After reading this book, if you can find one word, one sentence, one thought that you can relate to, then my journey has been worthwhile.

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Title: Body By Belmars
Author: Peter Belmar
ISBN:  978-1-300-43395-8
Body By Belmars
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Title: Old Man by the Lake
Author: Peter Belmar
ISBN: 978-1-291-21307-2
Old Man By The Lake
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