Kellz Arteaga

I’m a mom, a wife, a professional and a woman just like you and like you I struggled with my life style, schedule and daily habits, for in my head, everybody was first and before me. After my long days and after pleasing everyone around me I would feel unsatisfied and depressed, seeing the days pass by me and seeing what I had became, every day in the mirror.

In 2009, due to a trip to Miami I decided to get into shape and went to my first Zumba class…and guess what? SOOOOO HOOKED!!!!!!! The adrenaline, the environment, the music was such a relief to my mind and body and since then I never stopped. Six years later, full of great stories, new friends and amazing experience I present myself to you, as living proof that Zumba will change your life!!!!!

I’m looking to share my full testimony with you so you know you are NOT ALONE, that just like you I also had my first time and I can relate, that being fit has nothing to do with what we see or hear around but how we see ourselves and how we feel inside.

Let me show you how to become you again…let me show you how to ZUMBA!!!!!!