Trip to Ghana

December 22nd, 2016 - January 1st, 2017

I completed the trip with my mum, dad, sister, nephew, friend and daughter.
It was a very pleasant and educational holiday.


Cape Coast Castle 
The best part of my trip was to Cape Cost Castle. I would recommend this visit to anyone who is interested in their past. It was very educational to learn about my ancestors and what they went through to survive. It was very educational to experience the dungeons that they were placed in,  the living conditions they endured, the hardship they went through on the first leg of been enslaved. Throughout the tour a few people were very emotional with anger and one women started to cry uncontrollable.

You know when something calls you...

You have to return!


Arts and Crafts centre
The second best part of my trip was the arts and crafts centre in Accra.
I loved all the African art work plus it was fun how they tried to force you to buy something.


Rain Forest 
The third best part of my trip was the visit to the Kakum National Park Rainforest.
I hated walking across those 7 bridges.
I have a PHD in watching movies and I could think of a million and one things that could go wrong on that bridge LOL.
Once I made it to the end it was fun.