Why Boxing?

Discipline and Respect

Boxing is a great sport, because not only does it lead to athletic improvement, but it also positively affects you as a person. The values of discipline and respect are integral to boxing. You must respect your opponent, the rules of the ring and train hard to excel. If you don't develop these qualities, you will fail to progress as a boxer, and more importantly, as a human being. However, if you are disciplined and respectful of the sport and your opponent, you will advance greatly and reap the rewards that boxing offers.


Boxing is more versatile than many thinks, and it does not simply revolve around being punched in the face. Many people today use boxing as a means of fitness. This particular activity has never been more popular than it currently is and consists of shadow-boxing, pad-work and using punching bags. Professional boxers are considered some of the fittest sportsmen in the world, and truthfully, no sport is as challenging and grueling as boxing, regardless of whether or not punches are being thrown back at you. The biggest positive of using boxing for fitness is that essentially, it is a full-body workout. The entirety of your upper body is used for throwing punches, a strong lower body and core are required for a firm stance and foundation, and it is an excellent form of cardio. Boxing can be used to lose weight and build muscle - very few other sports can provide as many benefits to your fitness.

Mental Health

A person's mental health is equally as important as their physical health, and boxing is a powerful tool for relieving stress and becoming focused. Punching a bag, for example, releases endorphins in the brain which produce positive thoughts in your mind. Boxing also reduces tension in your muscles as you gradually loosen up and allow punches to flow, thereby relaxing your inner body and fighting any stress within you. Also, concentrating on hitting a pad or sparring a partner and carefully trying to avoid being hit enhances your focus both in and later out of the ring, and blocks your mind from any stress. It is also believed that following intense exercise such as boxing, our productivity dramatically improves for twelve hours afterward. Aside from stress-relief, boxing also builds immense courage and mental strength. To step into a ring with somebody who intends to knock you out is no mean feat, and once somebody has overcome that experience, little else will trouble them in life.

A Great Life Skill

Nobody in boxing is an advocate of violence, however, if you possess the skill of being able to box, you feel thoroughly reassured. Sadly, the world can be a bad and dangerous place, and boxing is viewed as one of a few sports which can actually help you in a life-threading situation. The ability to defend yourself is something nobody wishes to be without, and although being a boxer obviously does not give you the right to harm other people, one day, learning how to box could prove to save your life.

Boxing Training Conditioning

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