Toni Mafes

Guided by Peter Belmar's dedicated mentorship, Toni has honed a disciplined approach to athletic training, merging her passion for combat sports with a commitment to coaching excellence. With over two decades of intensive training and coaching, Toni has instructed athletes at all levels, from novices to professionals, and has demonstrated her expertise in the esteemed New York Daily News Golden Gloves boxing tournament.

Toni's coaching career commenced at St. John’s University, where she served as a collegiate cheerleading coach. There, she developed customized fitness programs and nutritional plans for the athletes, sparking her enthusiasm for mentorship and instruction. In 2017, Toni introduced the Rock Steady Boxing program to Belmars, nurturing it into an acclaimed and respected initiative of the Northeast. She commits her time weekly to assist over 50 individuals with Parkinson's Disease, significantly improving their quality of life. As a certified nutritionist, Toni's extensive knowledge has made her an essential part of her clients' well-being and to the success of Belmars Muay Thai Kickboxing & Fitness program. With a vision for broader influence, Toni aims to extend Belmars exceptional programs to the adaptive fitness sector via the FitWell Foundation, a non-profit organization where she serves on the board.