Toni Mafes

Under the dedicated tutelage of Peter Belmar, Toni has applied a focused attitude toward athletic development.

Training for 9 years and teaching for 5 years has provided Toni with the experience to compete in Muay Thai matches and in the New York Daily News Golden Gloves boxing tournament.

Her active interest in coaching and instructing stems from 2 years of collegiate cheerleading coaching at St. John’s University, where she designed workout regimens and diet plans for University’s athletes.

As a certified nutritionist, Toni has proven to be an extraordinary asset to Belmars Muay Thai Kickboxing & Fitness program. Toni has also written a number of books The Most Beautiful Color Is YOU, No One Will Play With Bossy Bobbie, Crayons and Save BeeVille

Toni eagerly looks forward to expanding Belmars phenomenal programs to the New York City area.